In the morning on the way to work (circa 7am) I generally try to keep things mellow and smooth in the external madness and hubbub of the morning commute.  California has some rough edges in terms of the driving conditions with our constantly-under-construction freeways and half crazed wannabe Nascar drivers trying to get to work 5 minutes earlier filling the drive with a steady stream of imminent danger and extravagant stress.

I learned early on that not only am I more relaxed and stress free, but happier as well, if I just stop caring and glide my way through the 35 mile trek each day and night.  I’m a happy man when I’m relaxing and a happier man when relaxing and singing opera.  Particularly amazingly good opera.

On the way home, in the dark of night, I usually tune into the BBC newscast radio just to hear the going ons of the world that I used to know so much about.  I think I’ve been doing this a bit too much as even as I type right now I am narrating my words in my head in an english accent, accenting specific words as they come out for dramatic effect.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been reading, err, well listening, to audiobooks quite a bit as well.  On particularly long audiobooks I find that I think in the narrators voice for several days after the book has been finished.  This was slightly disturbing at first (as is my British overdubbing of this writing) until I got used to it and stopped caring.

G’day m’lords and ladies, and have a fancy evening.