The first burrito has already been purchased as Corey is back in the States and catching up on all the quality, deep fried and oiled goods that we offer as sustenance.  I’ve been out of the country for a maximum of 3 weeks and not been too sorely affected but 2 years without Mexican food?  Not sure if I could handle it.

The way things went for Corey in Asia I had half a mind to join him in the teaching game.  Had Melanie and I both been unemployed and not in college that chance would have increased.  But alas, I love Southern California too much and she and I are pretty solidified in the region.  While he was away we were still able to get in touch by having Skype group calls and playing games online together.

I’ve known Corey since Middle School and he’s pretty much my go to guy to talk about History with.  Our conversations usually have a storytelling-esque quality with punctuations of singing and minor hand flailing but it’s a kind of communication that we’ve perfected over the years.  He knows probably too much about every random historical moment in the past couple thousand years so I’m always in for a good time when I’m in the mood for historical novelties.  We’ve gotten into multi day conversations (usually taking place at sleep overs (what, I’m an adult.  Don’t judge me)) on the failings of Hitler’s strategies in WW2 to how to make peace in the Middle East to the possible/eventual end of scarcity based economic systems.

All of my close friends fill in certain niches of intellectual thinking and discussion (which often overlap) and it’s good to have this one filled again.