Oh pirates how I remember you.

I used to work electronics in a fairly large store and oh how I remember pirates.  Everyone who worked in my department were in their early twenties and it was a fun place to be most of the time.  It wasn’t a terribly busy place (particularly if you opened) and we had the Pirates of the Caribbean movies to play on our televisions and home theater systems.  Thus began my indoctrination.

By the time I left that job I had every line from all three movies etched into my very soul.  I closed my eyes and they were there.  I started to develop the piratical dialect.  I even choreographed some of the fight scenes with a good friend who also worked there (using plastic swords from the toy isle).  For a period of two years I was the pirate.

Every time I see a parrot I still get flashbacks but I’m much better now.  No more Yo-Hoing.  No forcing people to walk the plank and I don’t even touch rum anymore.  It’s a…better way of life.  More peaceful.  But the ocean still calls me.

It’s always calling.