You thought this whole hospital deal was over didn’t you?  Well it ‘aint.  I seriously went to a half dozen doctors before they finally nailed down what the problem was and at that point I had to quit my job and drop some classes in school to deal with everything.

At work I’ve been listening to audiobooks while doing my job.  It’s made me feel even better about being there as I now feel like I’m increasing my skills in art and writing.  I believe in the idea that the best way to get better at writing is to read and analyze what your’re reading.

I’m going through the Lord of the Rings books at the moment (no small part due to the Hobbit Movie) and I’ve really been enjoying it, sans the first half of the first book.  I now pack my day with thoughts of improving myself as much as I can and I wonder if I’m now lacking the quiet moments of nothingness that I had back in school or before I had a full time job.

I’m a big proponent of moderation of all things.  You know, the Middle Path.  But I can’t help but wonder if I’ve now gone too far into the realm of work, improvement and production.  I hope that being aware of  it at least helps me wrangle that beast that is my anxiety of the future and if I’ll be able to support a family and if I’ll get into Graduate School and… ok let’s stop before I have a panic attack.  Maybe for me it’d be more of a panic mosey, or stroll.

As for the winter update schedule I’m going to be taking Monday off and waning into a week off around Christmas.  We’ll still have Friday.  Oh those good times.  “Oh that Friday” we’ll say, “those were the good times.”  Good times indeed.  see you all then.