Being a child of the Southern California region I did not get many “snowlike” events in my youth.  I actually had never seen snow fall till very recently.  This whole session was 12 years before that first time incident so I thought it was “awe inspiring,” “magical,” “amazing”…  well I bit into the fruit of knowledge and paid for it dearly.  I have since never seen a butterfly mating swarm and would be happy to look upon one once again from a safe distance.

I was hit by a surprise recently when I learned that the next generation of gaming consoles (IE: new Xbox and Playstation) were coming out in mere weeks.  I used to pride myself on having such a strong pulse on the gaming industry and community that I was a bit shocked that this momentous event had almost passed by me unnoticed.  It’s weird how priorities shift and how in college I could never see myself being uninformed about one of my biggest passions.

I guess it comes down to what I value and right now that’s getting as much time with Melanie and practice as possible before making the jump towards Graduate School.  Still, a younger me would never have imagined that I could get so out of the loop, but then again, a younger me would not have thought I’d be working as an artist too.