I always seem to forget about what a colossal pain in the ass it is to animate a gif, but the outcome always makes me pleased and I don’t think this strip could have come together without one.

I listen to a lot of audiobooks at work.  We have a limited library so I often find myself trying out books I normally wouldn’t gravitate to but hey, when you are a captive audience, it’s a lot easier to get them involved.  Kind of a hunger is the best spice deal.  I’ve always been a sci-fi/fantasy guy with an enjoyment for cold hard historical non-fiction so love stories and comedies and the like are fairly new to me.

I find that once I’m invested in the characters I’ll see (or should I say hear) a book through whatever crazy conclusion happens.  The stories get me thinking about my own work as well and I usually end up analyzing the story structure and why I liked or disliked something.  Those little “writing” exercises help me feel even more productive at work as I feel like I’m improving my personal craft as well as my professional one.  Now if I could just get a Google Car I could do that on the commute… or sleep.  Can never get enough sleep.