I frequent a certain all day gym a couple times a week.  This is where we get our weekly dose of steaming in.  The men’s locker room is fairly nice; it has all the amenities a person could want, except for maybe shower curtains but I have a feeling I know why they don’t include them.

Since joining the gym a couple years ago I have discovered that I am apparently like a hot chick but for gay guys.  Dudes will give me their numbers or try to get me to “hang out” after working out.  At first I would just silently stalk off and be awkward but I now recognize the the build up signs to someone trying to make a pass at me and am usually successful at mentioning my wonderfully heterosexual relationship.

This guy though, man… was a she-male that would hang out for hours in the showers just…chilling or whatever.  I often saw him shaving his legs while passing by and the first time I was unlucky enough to be showering post-steam when he came in I got the creepiest of stare downs.  Well, you read the comic; that’s what happened.

It must be my girlish figure.