My family likes to go to Lake Arrowhead every once in a while and it’s a nice place to unwind and get back to nature.  I like how quiet it is compared to the city and how fresh the air is.  Taking strolls around the lake and sitting outside watching the birds, chipmunks and trees are a nice tranquil setting as well.  It is a killer on my productivity though, since I don’t have a laptop.

In San Diego we have the national San Diego Comic Con that just ended.  I started going when I was about 11, when my sister first dragged me along with her.  In those days we spent our time roaming the floor and resting in the Anime viewing rooms upstairs.  Things were great.

As time has gone on it’s gotten better and better.  I started spending more time in panels than everywhere else combined, I met Mark Hamill one time while looking for a place to eat lunch, I felt like Moses with the Israelites.  These were my people.

Unfortunately within the past four years the ticket prices have jumped almost 400%.  Movies and music and TV shows (which are nice) bring more of that media’s lovers than comics do and I’ve become a bitter old man, jaded by my experiences of youth.  Each year I see less and less of my people.  What I loved has begun dying, like a beached whale is killed by its own weight.  I have come back only to see my people worshiping a golden calf.

Tablets destroyed, I dub thee Bourgeoisie Con.