What can I say?  I apparently don’t have the technical sensitivity to determine with any particular accuracy the quality of female hair stylings.  The fact that I have never been into a barber shop may be part of this (Flowbee FTW).

In my defense, she does the same thing to me with just-out-of-bed hair and hat head.

Work’s been running at a hard pace and I’m not really sure when the light at the end of the tunnel is gonna appear.  I’m at least glad that I can still make work that I’m proud of even with my severely limited time.  I have been noticing an increase in productivity and I’m no longer always in a mad dash to finish the comics the night before, but of course the number of comics I do a week has been cut in half.  I’ll be happy to get back to two a week and even get moving on some other work I’ve been writing as well.

Till we get back to those blissful, happy times I’ll just be grateful that my job has air conditioning.