Space: the final frontier.  When I was a kid I wanted to be an explorer.  Pretty vague but there was a kind of excitement and energy surrounding seeing new unseen places.  I distinctly recall going into a pseudo depression when I realized that the world had already been explored in full (minus a few thousand small random islands in the oceanic regions) and had a bit of an identity crisis.

Space was where the next exploration was.  I loved all that stuff.  Looking at pictures, peering through telescopes, reading science fiction, all that jazz.  In college I actually went down the path of an Astronomy minor but hit the wall of Calculus and Physics and particularly detested those bits. In terms of Cosmology and theory I was great but when it came to complex calculations on gravity distortions my love diminished.

I still get in a “space mood” every once in a while.  It probably doesn’t help that I found Isaac Asimov’s book Foundation as an audiobook at work but I feel the infinite expanse call to me.  I listen to talks by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and feel sad that we don’t live in a culture where a trip to the Moon is as easy as a trip to Japan.  I expected colonies and starships at my age as a child and what we have are unmanned missions and a collapsing space program.

I love art but the longing for space still burns deep within me.  I guess I can satiate myself with drawing it and perhaps I’ll write my own science fiction that could inspire others.  Till then I’ll probably live my fantasies playing galactic empire building games and sci fi RPGs and reading books.  Or that could just make it all worse.  Only time will tell.