Probably the world’s most awkward diagnosis.

“hey man, you just need to poop!”  well great.  let’s do that.

I had never used or thought to ever use an enema in my life and were it not for the prescription in my hand and the pain in my stomach I would never have gone a searchin’ my general store for one.  My day doubled in awkwardness as it became the most awkward purchase of my life as well.  I almost picked something else up as well for “cover” but my inner miser wouldn’t allow it.

Enemas are an… experience… not to be forgotten.  I knew I wouldn’t want to make this into a comic as I didn’t want to draw myself, forehead on the ground, ass in the air with what looked like a baby’s bottle sticking out feeling the fool in my bathroom and wishing I had cleaned the ground beforehand.

Hope this isn’t too graphic for you.

Anyways, this day of strangeness became a day of folly as the pain in my gut was unchanged by the inroads of water and saline solution.  I guess I could at least be proud that I had a clean colon…