The steam room can be a rough place for newcomers.  It’s not a friendly environment as we’ve seen before.  Kevin and I started going to the steam room regularly about three years ago and our tolerance has only increased with time.  It’s an unforgiving, steamy demon driver that will crush all who oppose its whims.  I’ve pushed myself a little too hard in there before as well and have become nauseous and sick.  In the end, the reason for even going is to relax, get steamy and have a good time so pushing yourself beyond your limits can tend to be counter productive.

I’ve been at Melanie’s place the past few days and we’ve been delving into the wonderful world of Indie Gaming.  We picked up the latest Humble Indie Bundle and have been having a blast.  So far we’ve beaten Bastion and Limbo and have been quite pleased with the quality of the games.  Both were fantastic and thought provoking which is what I tend to go for.  The music in Bastion is the best I’ve heard in a long time as well.  for about nine bucks you can pick up eight incredible games so if you’re a gamer like myself and haven’t already played the majority of the games in the Bundle I’d highly recommend it.  Or if you know some gaming heathen (like myself) that sadly did not play these games and you need to give them a gift then you, my friend, have a cheap tool of enlightenment to help them see the light.

Props to my brother for being a gaming Evangelical and getting this for me.