*I’ll be posting the next comic on Monday.  Things are about to heat up at work and Melanie and I just became a short distance couple again so I took Friday’s comic off to enjoy my time while I have it.  The next comic could be about one or the other of those or both… or none.  We’ll just have to see.

I’m a bit of a creature of habit.  I can get very comfortable doing the same thing (like eating cereal for breakfast and oatmeal for lunch) every day and am totally ok with my living quarters looking the same for years at a time.  As a kid, I only ever changed my wardrobe once a year when the San Diego Comic Con came around and I’d get a new round of schwag shirts.  My Dad, however, is totally the opposite.

Outside of my room, my house has been in a constant state of remodeling, repair and transmogrification.  It generally happens in sudden waves as well.  You’ll be at work or school for the day and when you come home the house is now themed with Indian Buddhas and incense everywhere where it once was Irish lace and Nutcrackers.

I do appreciate it though.  I think the change in scenery gives your brain a new “mode” to think in and could possibly be a catalyst for more creative thinking.  Plants are always welcome too.  I love the greenery but tend to kill everything I own so it’s nice to see something in the house survive.