Style is something that most artists painstakingly focus on developing (sometimes to the neglect of their artwork) but I was once told that if you just try to make the best imagery possible you will eventually fall into a style that is comfortable and suits you.  I’ve always been fond of this concept and feel no particular loyalty to any one style.  I expect to change quite a bit over the years of working on this.

That being said, don’t expect a dramatic, everlasting change as I expect the stylistic changes will be more subtle.  I will every once in a while have a go at an established style to give my own take on it however.  Art jokes always give me a special glow inside but I’ll try not to wear them out with overly frequent use (I’m looking at you Activision).

You can thank my buddy Andrew for this comic as this whole scenario was conceived in a hazy stretch of riffing ideas off each other at work.

With Melanie safely packed into her new apartment we will resume our regularly scheduled…schedule.  Now that we’re safely back in our seats let’s continue on our journey.



*I’m removing the previous update since there was no comic in it and don’t want to leave the text up for all eternity on the site so I thought I’d put it here for historical preservation*

My apologies for yet another missed update so here’s another life update!  I’ve spent the past couple days moving Melanie into her new apartment, an apartment that has yet to be supplied internet.  I spent the good part of half an hour trying to figure out how to “borrow” a connection from her new neighbors till she gets her own setup to no avail.

I have since learned how dependent I am on these wondrous series of tubes for everything.  We were looking for a coffee shop and a restaurant and had nothing to look it up with.  I wanted to post an update but was shackled to the analogue world.  Needless to say, I must sometimes neglect my comicing duties to do some real world shit.

We did discover many new and interesting activities without my beloved nets.  Sleeping.  Sleeping was a big one.  We also played Lone Survivor and have been pleasantly surprised at how fun and engaging it is.  Packing took up a lot of time as well but it’s no where near as entertaining.

The next comic will surely be up in time as I was quite far along with it when I made this benevolent journey but if you’ve ever been in a long distance relationship I’m sure you can understand my priorities.