Note for 5/16:  I’m gonna be posting the next comic on Monday as I’m going to Kevin and Melanie’s graduations along with the fact that the next comic is taking quite a bit longer to complete than normal.  That’s what I get for trying to push myself artistically with every comic.  *shakes fist at me from the past*

See you then.


I think this will probably be the last Crohn’s Comic for a while.  Not because they aren’t utterly riveting, but mostly because it’s not really a super big deal in my life anymore and I was able to successfully document the circle of life that is getting diagnosed with an illness you never heard of before.

I still have to take medication three times a day, but it’s become a pretty routine deal.

The steroids were a pretty interesting treatment though.  Apparently that’s how Crohn’s is treated in the early stages till they can get you on a better, safer medication.  I was on the stuff for about four months and it was a pretty weird experience.  I was hungry, like… all the time, to the point where I questioned if my insatiable hunger came from my digesting food falling into an alternate dimension, feeding Sean from another Universe.

I also was able to do much more intense and strenuous workouts, which seems obvious knowing what I was taking.  It’s a weird feeling being able to bench press your own weight, a feeling I have not known since.  Now I comfort myself that I can at least bench press Melanie, and really, that’s all that matters.

They say there’s no free lunch in nature though.  The medication had a tendency to start melting your bones, I shit you not, after about six months.  By the end of my four month tour with the ‘roids I was feeling the true costs of taking the stuff.  My mind was not as sharp and I became distracted much easier.  My mood didn’t change but that last month I was on edge all the time and I could sometimes feel my teeth buzzing.

In the end, I wasn’t able to beat that dirty ol’ Crohn down, but she’s at bay and is slowly shriveling away.  Here’s to hoping I don’t need to do another Crohn’s comic for a very long time.