I’ve always been in love with space wars, space ships, and all manner of other space related subjects, so when Melanie told me she had Kickstarted a huge Space Sim game and that her, her friends, and family were gonna play I was on board.  The game itself is Star Citizen and from everything I’ve seen it looks to be pretty damn cool.  Melanie and I agreed to be a Merchant/Bodyguard team where I protect her while she transports goods but thanks to the influence of one of her friends that future is now in doubt.  I’m almost more concerned about the possibility of becoming too engrossed in a sci fi fantasy that I’ve wanted to live in since I was a child where I will game my life away.  Combine that with the integration of the virtual reality peripheral Occulus Rift and you’ve got a serious mix for me wanting to just live in virtual space forever.

In other news I’ve gotten my much needed time off by no longer working in a film studio.  It was a fun time but I’ve decided to push on towards Graduate School and that kind of thing takes time to prepare for, time you will never have working in the movie business.  It was for sure the best goodbye I’d ever gotten from a workplace and I’ll miss my art buddies a lot, but now it’s time to start updating my portfolio, starting with this website.  

I kind of neglected the site for a while and with the tons of updates that happened upon my return the site got a little broken.  Fixed the major issues but there are still some residuals laying about that I’m checking out.  Hopefully with the more free time I’ve gotten with the switch to my new job (along with a much closer commute) we’ll be seeing some aesthetic changes going down soon.  And maybe – just maybe- we’ll actually start getting some comics out on time.