Ok, so I think everyone goes through this every once in a while.

Sometimes a baker looks at his bread and says to himself, “What am I doing here?  Why have my life experiences culminated in me standing over a hot oven?!  What does bread mean in the grand scheme of things and why am I making Rye when French bread is the obvious superior?!”

Often this leads the thinker dazed and confused.  Obviously the baker wants to be good at his craft but every once in a while he’ll get out of the shower and see his reflection in the mirror and become petrified with the reality (or apparent reality) of infinity and the self.  I’ve often caught myself stepping back off the brink of madness when contemplating a bit too much on the cosmos and existence and how my perspective is so narrow when compared to the span of time and location and… well, I better stop while I’m still with you.

Perhaps it’s best to narrow the beam from a flashlight to a laser.  Why do I do this comic?  It started as a way to get better at art.  But why get better?  Why spend that kind of time?  Maybe it’s to comunicate with others.  Not just to communicate en masse, but to communicate on a deeper, more personal level.  I think we are all separate beings and we long for connection, for connectedness.  And for so many people that connectedness never comes no matter how many Facebook friends they have or parties they go to.  Just getting one person to really connect with you is incredibly rare and I think the way connections are formed are through expressing deeper thoughts and questions that aren’t the general topics of conversation because they’re “too personal.”

Well screw it.  I’m 100 comics in and have talked about medical problems to bowel movements to mental breakdowns so I’m not quitting now.