*note: the next comic will be going up this next Monday (9/30) instead as work has fully caught up to me and is pummeling me down.  See you then.


I actually own a Mac but since so few people ever actually open the thing I thought it prudent to just draw it as the PC tower that everyone knows and loves.  I enjoy Mac computers but I hate how Apple makes the things unnecessarily difficult to open and maintain.  I got the computer four years ago and just wanted to put in a new hard drive (a 20 minute procedure at most on the PC) and we spent hours taking the damn thing apart.

Considering that I  would be unable to make any comics without my computer, the procedure was a success.  But there was a hearty amount of dust and grime that we blasted out.  I generally have a love/hate relationship with my computers; I love them when they work and hate them when they don’t.  Perhaps it’s not the healthiest of relationships but we have a working disfunction together.