Ah, school has once again begun for the masses participating in the wondrous quest of improving the mind and expanding understanding.  Of course, they can also go just to try and get a better paying job and have no interest in higher learning but I would caution against that kind of thinking and practice.

I was asked today if I would continue with comic making forever or if this was just a temporary deal.  Without hesitation I answered that I had no plans to ever stop making these visual windows into my mind and past and I still feel like I have a lot left that I want to accomplish and even more I want to learn before I put aside what some may call a “foolish endeavor.”

I actually really enjoy the creation process as well.  Crafting something with my own hand.  Having the physical remains of hours worked on a project.  It’s all very satisfying and almost addicting.  I’m constantly trying to improve myself as a person and intellectually as well and I admit that it can be hard to quantify just how much you’ve done and learned when you also do things like art that show remnants of your time.

That’s kind of why I like the Khan Academy so much, because it takes reward systems and achievements from video games and places them in learning.  I was overjoyed to find that my brother got into it and has made a very respectable Frogger clone after about a week in the programming lessons.

Ok, I should really stop being the Saint Peter for this site before I deny it three times to my own shame.