First things first, with my recent bump up to 10 hour days I’m gonna be doing more of one and a half comics a week than two.  Monday will always have one up and Friday will be more of an on one/off one kind of schedule.  Work’s been pretty rough and it doesn’t help that I’m driving 2 hours every day as well.  I’m not sure when exactly this time schedule will end (or even if we’ll be bumped up to 12 hour shifts) but I’ll shoot out an alert whenever it changes.

I’m gonna have to make an admission on this one.  Often as not, I’m the one making the conversation that grosses everyone else out at the lunch table.  There’s just some mode I get into where it becomes increasingly hilarious to go off the end with weird and gnarly conversation.  I try to cut back if there are other people in the dining area but damn is it fun going toe to toe with Dan and Duane and besting them at their own game.

This conversation happened after they went to the Torture exhibit at our local Museum of Man and this was one drop of knowledge that had me cringing for the entirety of our half hour luncheon.  I’m surprised at how…explicit they are with the descriptions of these contraptions.  I’ll probably pass on going the next time they come into town.