As a lover of the English language I must admit that I get a special kick out of word jokes.  Not just jokes using words, as those are plentiful, but jokes that make us look at the words we use and really analyze how we use them and shine a light on how strange our language actually is.

I enjoy the verbal sparring my younger sister and I do somewhat frequently (as this comic is more or less based on a conversation I had with her) and I feel giddy finding new ways to say things or eloquate (see, isn’t it glorious!?) my points and thoughts across. Words and phrases change their meaning over time and it really is fun to think on commonly used phrases of today and see their origins and evolution over time.

Think of the word Career.  It was originally intended as a word to describe the lifetime wins and losses of racehorses in Europe and now, well you know.

I almost minored in English in college as well since I took so many courses in the subject but decided that six years of 18-21 unit semesters was probably enough for me.  I still feel the strong desire to learn stuff though.  It’s like my favorite past time, besides increasing my skills artistically.

I think I will always consider myself a student, even when I’m not in any formal education institution.  It keeps me focused, determined, passionate and is a fun break between drawing pretty pictures for the internet.