Made another gif comic but it doesn’t seem to be uploading properly so I’m gonna throw in a still image and see if I can fix it a bit later.

*edit: Baby we’re in business!  Thanks to Frumph and his assistance and general awesomeness for making Comicpress (The tool I used to design this site).

I’m pretty self conscious about dancing.  I mean, if I’m alone in my room and Michael Jackson pops up on my playlist then all bets are off but normally I don’t really know what to do with myself.  I kinda learned to dance only with partners so if I’m not with my main squeeze I freeze up with dance-tastic indecision.

In high school I did come runner up for most likely to drop it like it’s hot (see: dancing) but that seemed to have originated around the only dance I went to besides prom and the mythical tales that build up over time and through second hand tellings.  Certainly not a consistent indicator of dropping-like-it’s-hotability.

Just today, while trawling the internet (note: not trolling) I found a new podcast/vlogcast to listen to while working.  It’s called Comics are Great and lured me in with an interview of one of my favorite comic artists and had me hooked.  It’s always nice to get new listening material for the inking/shading portions of my workflow since they are the most mindless and automatic and I’d prefer to be learning something while I’m working on them.  I’m probably missing out on some good meditation time but learning about the Biz is probably second best.

Work is starting to ramp up again and I’m unsure if I’ll be hitting the 70 hour workweek train again but if that happens and I get word of it I’ll give out a whistle.