While I’ve always been in the camp that believes technology enriches our lives, there are definitely times where it can be a distraction and detriment.  I can’t count how many times I’ve gone to a party and a few hours into it everyone’s gotten their smart phones out and are googling whatever their hearts desire.  Maybe that’s why I’ve always liked going to the steam room and sauna at the gym.  You bring those fancy smartphones in there and they’ll get cooked.  Doesn’t stop folks from irreparably destroying their devices (and the electronics mogul in me cries when I see a person jamming out while 120 degree steam surrounds them and water drips on their screens).

So I’d consider myself one with the technological world, and I’d even consider my Utopia to be a Technotopia where automation and machines take care of our worldly needs.  Still, I’ve been resistant to some things.  I never had a Myspace and I didn’t get into Facebook till around 2009-10.  I still don’t have a smartphone but that’s also chalked up to me not wanting to spend more than 10 bucks a month on phone service (if our country’s consumer base was like myself, our Capitalist society would probably collapse).  

I guess the middle path is the way to do it.  Embrace the tech without being consumed by it.  Work on art without letting your desire for improvement send you into a panic attack.  Don’t play so many video games.  Aww, who am I kidding.