My Dad’s always been friendlier to annoying freaky critters than I was.  I’ve tried to do the whole “put them in a cup and drop them off outside” thing but those bugs that’s just a slap on the wrist to these guys!  They’re not gonna learn a lesson from that!  I want them to know I mean business.

I do tend to tolerate Daddy Longlegs spiders more than other breeds, and by tolerate I mean glare at dubiously until I deem their population too high and vacuum them all up at once.  All other spider breeds are Kill on Sight to me.  Perhaps it’s that their marketing teams kind of dropped the ball on naming strategies.  I mean, Wolf Spiders, Black Widows, Brown Recluses… these aren’t names that make you not want to step on them, but you wouldn’t step on your Daddy.

Maybe if they changed them to Puppy Spiders, Sad Widows, and Brown People-Who-Just-Want-To-Be-Left-Alone’s they would avoid the foot more often.