Paiyow! We’ve got power, new comics, and a whole new year ahead of us!  It’s good to be back, though I feel like the break was much shorter in my perceived time of it than in its actual reality.  I still worked 60 hour weeks throughout the break so maybe that was a factor as well.

I actually got some reading done over the break and was able to take a crack at the phat loot I acquired during the whole Christmas festivities.  While Webcomics are my main fare of reading, I like the paper graphic novels as well.  I picked up Friends with Boys which was pretty good and had me thinking of another comic I enjoy, Johnny Wander, the whole time I was reading it.  I think this is probably due to their similar mediums.

Other than that, I got a bunch of Gustav Klimpt books, as I admire his figure drawing, and have been attempting to mind meld with the pages.  This has not been working out well since paper and brain matter don’t tend to mix well together.




*adding the previous week’s post to this one to save space


Uh oh, a blog post with no new comic?  What is this farce?!

I’ve found how destroyingly tied to electricity I am today when my block’s power went out for about 5 hours today.  Being a man who works 60 hours a week this was kind of a kink in my only day off to work on the comic.  I decided to have a go at the ol’ pencil, ink and watercolor but when the power came back on around 6 I decided to jump back into the digital realm.

Well that was a mistake as I now have 2 half finished comics, one digital and one physical, and nothing to say for it.  Well, you’ll hear what that sounds like come Friday as I think I’ll use this time to give an extension on my comic holiday.  I’m not fond of doing that but, well, the world turns and things happen and I’d rather roll with the punches than fret over the bruises.  See you all Friday.