It looks like the time I thought I’d get off is actually not happening for a while longer so I’m taking this time to move Melanie back into San Diego (which we thought we could do next week).  Fortunately, I’ll be working more.  Unfortunately, this was a last minute mini vacation and there won’t be any comics on Friday or Monday.  Next week we’ll start again.


When asked why he forgot that he had purchased the battery 11 years ago he just exclaimed, “Time flies when you’re old.”

It’s a bit of a sobering thought combining that with the fact that I find time to be constantly speeding up as I age.  I assume it’s just that my context of time has dramatically increased so when I think back on the span of my life of 25 years, things tend to seem faster than when I was only able to look back on my life of 6 years.

I remember when Lego Land first opened in California and absolutely freaking out with anticipation to go (I was a pretty die hard fan and some editor or Lego Magazine probably has a few pics of me on his cutting room floor posing next to my “impressive” lego city).  When my family finally went the drive felt like an eternity. Now I drive that same distance every day to go to work and it doesn’t seem terrible at all.

On that note, I may actually get some free time soon.  I know it’s truly a miracle, but an angel descended from heaven with a fanfare of trumpets and prophesied my vacation.  That or I’m getting some rest from work.  This means I may actually finally play the game that’s been sitting on my desk unopened for the past 7 months.  I may even catch up on some much needed reading too.

Some things I’m looking into doing are to maybe write and at least thumb out one to two short stories as I start gearing up towards working on my narrative skills.  I’m also gonna work with Melanie on generally marketing the comic and getting more eyes on it as I’ve been too busy with work to put much effort into that aspect.  I think I’ll spruce up the ol’ Tumblr as well and make it a little more presentable, though that probably goes in the marketing category as well.

Whatever it is, I’m counting on you, dear reader, to put a torch under my ass if you see me dilly dallying too much in this time of relaxation and not driving 80 miles a day for work.