I, too, am wary around babies but that’s more because I grew up with a baby brother that had tendencies for biting you while you weren’t looking right in the ass.  The bruises have healed but the emotional scaring never will.

When I see babies I’m constantly reminded of how utterly helpless they are.  It’s like they’re trying to actively kill themselves to test if you’re a good enough parent to raise them.  I didn’t give my parents any easy breaks as I was one of those kids that would climb up on high things and then cry when I realized how far I’d gotten.

I don’t plan on having kids for a while but I’ve already planned out some… lessons I’ll teach them when they come of age.  You know, the important stuff, like the ins and outs of trench warfare by digging ourselves in and simulating charges of enemy lines using sticks as guns, stimulating the creative side by setting up awesome dioramas of Star Wars toys or Dinosaurs and coming up with stories of what they’re doing, building a spaceship out of cardboard and pretending we’re in a V-2 rocket.  This is, of course, for their benefit and not mine.  I’m a bit less strategized on preparing them for adulthood but all things will come in time.