I haven’t had beef since I was four.  With one or two exceptions (followed by stupendous streams of throw-up, mouth and otherwise), I could say the same about pork and lamb.  At four I had an Appendicitis.  This left a cool scar and a profound re-thinking of my diet and the world.  While it seems wholly ridiculous that a four year old would attempt a lifetime fast, let alone actually continue on with it decades later, I’m overall satisfied with my younger self’s decisions.

When you eat red meat your body gets kind of used to certain…things…that go in it.  Similar to Lactose Intolerance in the way that if you don’t have milk for a long time your body can no longer digest it, I would surmise the same happened to me.

This is always a shock to people I know and I am constantly reminded of how much I’m missing out.  I’ve never had a steak <What?> don’t know what a hamburger tastes like <Say it ain’t so!> and have lost the memory of the flavor of bacon <Blasphemer!>.  I feel like I’m a lot healthier for it and have no interest in developing a BLOODLUST FOR MURDER!  AUGHhaughAHughshshafhasdh!!

Well I’ll admit I eat chicken, fish, turkey and what not so don’t worry about me being some kind of militant vegan.  I tried to go without milk for a week to help an illness and lost ten pounds so if I made the attempt I would probably shrivel up and die.  Maybe ignorance is bliss in this case.