It’s been a hectic week but I’m glad to have the comic up in an only moderately late fashion! I’m taking a weekend vacation to visit Melanie and it also just so happened to be Carmageddon in LA at the same time so I was able to get quite a bit of active meditation time in while moseying at a tricycles pace along the Interstate 5.

For my LA trip I picked up the latest Humble Indie Bundle and I was pretty pleased to see Gratuitous Space Battles and Jamestown among the games offered this time.  Melanie and I still haven’t beaten Lone Survivor (and may not, the way her laptop is dying) but for 7 bucks you can’t go wrong.

Just a final update, Monday will sadly be comicless for the world as I decided to actually vacation on my vacation.  Friday we’ll get back to the normal schedule and my spastic attempts at finishing this perpetual art attack.  I’ll throw out a few suggestions to check out while I’m away that I’ve been fairly regularly keeping up on.  Negative Space is another journal comic that  is very well done and has a strong emotional connection to the writer.  Juniper is a fun one with a great art style and is a good, silly read.

Ok, well that’s enough of my going ons, I’ll see you all next week.