My family is certainly a strange batch; this I’ve known for quite some time.  I feel like it’s something that people may think could be embarrassing but, being an artist (which is a culture in itself that embraces the weird, cooky and zany), I find that I’ve rather embraced it.

If you’ve by chance read the about page you may recall that one of my goals with this site was to foment more relationships with other south-west coast artists and attempt to create a community of people I can call colleagues and friends.  Well, the first step of that dream has been realized with my buddy Eric Escobales and his team of wonderful artists and writer(s).

The biggest hurdle I found starting this site was…the site.  I was lucky that I took several programing classes at the University I attended but it was still, what they officially call, a huge bitch to do.  Thankfully I had some major advantages.  I had Kevin (a bonafide computer engineer) as my jedi mentor showing me the ropes, a herculean determination to show my work, and soul crushing unemployment.  This gave me the time to work literally 8-14 hours a day learning CSS and HTML and setting the whole thing you see here up.

I’m glad to finally use that knowledge to help out a friend and his compatriots in getting their own work out there and I’ll say it’s looking mighty fine.  So go check it out already! (for the computer illiterate, click on that glowy, underlined text).  I’m glad to present Emo Caveman as our first real affiliate so check them out every week.  I’ll still have to ask what their specific update schedule is so more on that next time!