This is the 21st century.  2012 people.  Cardboard boxes are still the most viable thing for looking at a solar eclipse?  I demand a refund…that is, if I had actually paid for anything.  Yeah, I could get some Blublockers but that costs money.  I guess cardboard it is.

You always lose the magic of an eclipse when you’re not looking at the real thing but a shadow in a box.  You can’t look at it because you’ll go blind but it’s there in the sky begging to be seen.  I’m curious how many people lost their sight in the middle ages when these kinds of things happen.

The eclipse in San Diego (at least in the part I’m in) sure didn’t look like anything particularly special but people kept posting all these awesome pictures of it online.  Kevin and I were leaving the gym right at its supposed peak hour and we didn’t see crap.  Oh well, I guess there’s always next time.  It won’t be too much of a wait.  I mean, I was what, six when the last one came around?  That sounds about right.