Wedding season is upon us again and I’m right in the delicious, creamy, sweet middle of it.

I don’t really take Melanie out to fancy restaurants often, or if we want to get all progressive up in here, she doesn’t take me to fancy restaurants often.  That’s ok though  as a recent college grad and a a soon grad to be, we like living on the cheap.

At weddings though, you often get a top notch meal and oh man, is it delicious.  The sheer number of delicacies and delights boggle the mind and test the carrying capacity of the stomach.

It feels like the older I get the more weddings there are too.  It feels like the rate of increase in weddings I’ll be attending in the future will exponentially increase with time until it reaches a singularity  and in a few short decades I’ll need to attend more weddings than there are people on Earth.