I’ve always been interested in farming, but I’ve also been equally interested in not doing all the excessive and strenuous work that farmers need to do to maintain healthy crops.  Ok, so maybe that work is only watering a plant three times a week and putting it in a sunny position but for a person like me, fully entrenched in the cybernetic generation, that kind of stuff is unthinkable!

So combining my love of agriculture with my distaste for physical labor (god knows I did enough of that stuff before the whole “art switch”) I’m a prime candidate to love automated agriculture.  Hydroponics and Aquaponics allow for having all the pat-yourself-on-the-back feel goods of being an urban agrarian with the “I’d rather be on the internet” of the digital cybergeek.

Perhaps, to complete my new image, I’ll wear a straw hat and chew on a hay stalk as I change my computer’s background to a field of wheat.