As the child of a retired therapist I can only imagine what experiments were conducted on me that formed who I am today.  Of course, all these things would be buried in my subconscious but I know they occurred because, hell, I’m gonna do that to my own kids.

I’ve thought a lot about how I would interact with my future kids to give them leanings towards taking up certain hobbies and interests, or even if I should do that kind of stuff.  Is it unethical to mold your children’s personalities like clay or is the risk of becoming an overbearing prick of a parent too great?  How subtle would it need to be and at what key points in a person’s life do they develop a passion for something?

I’m no therapist, but I do ask my friends and workmates when they got their personal moments that dictated their life’s direction to better understand this kind of thing.  I guess I’m a bit of an overplanner but it’s nice to think of things before they happen so I at least have some mental preparation and am not paralyzed by indecision.

And if any of my future kids are reading this, Get! Go back to your space room, and no holo-video-gamermajigs for a week!