While I’m not one to advocate violence, it is certainly an effective way to get more gifts from that ol’ coot.  In the past I always got video games and art supplies (the latter really only more recently) but I can recall what was probably my favorite childhood gift.

Back in the day I was (and let’s not kid ourselves, still am) crazy about Boba Fett.  You know, that awesome looking bounty hunter from Star Wars that captured Han in Carbonite and met a pretty lame and equally grisly end in Return of the Jedi.  I had his toys, his comics and even a schematic of his ship the Slave 1 (that’s the actual poster that was in my room) on my wall.

I woke up Christmas morning to find a big box with my name on it and lo and behold, the toy of his damn ship was inside.  Holy cow was I excited.  It was so cool.  Flying it around, playing with it, setting up Star Wars diorama battles on my book shelves and cupboards.  It was amazing.

Eventually I leaned away from toys and got more into games since their price/playtime/enjoyment ratio was the most efficient bang for my buck but I still look back fondly on that thing.  It’d be cool to find that old thing, take it out of retirement and put it on my desk at work but alas, it is lost in the labyrinthine structure that is my home.