Graduation season is upon us again!  While I’ve been through many campaigns of the black hat and robe, this one’s particularly special because Kevin and Melanie are both graduating!  This means I might actually spend some time with my best friend and girlfriend.  Heck, while we’re at it I might even play a video game or two.  Anything can happen!

Times are now for people to leave the wonderfully cozy life of staying up late working on school projects, Throwing down Red Bulls to stay awake in that Art History class, and doing all nighters of video games with your friends to a new journey of avoiding debt collectors, wondering where all that gas money went to and, *gasp* finding a job.

I think I’m painting a bit of a cynical picture here though.  College was an awesome time for me and was really where my life direction formed and was solidified.  I took enough classes for two degrees but don’t regret learning all the crazy new stuff the place taught me.  After I left I feel like my art improved at an even faster rate and I’m really happy with the whole experience.  On the whole, I feel that this video sums up my thoughts on the whole institution.

Now I get to hang out with crazy art people all day and have interesting conversations about people and things other than Ke$ha and The “Biebs” and though I spent six years in my University (two and a half as a historian and three and a half as an artist) I am better for it.