This was actually something said by my brother as we came home from moving my sister’s stuff out of a storage unit.  I’ve got to hand it to him, it sure makes since to me.

I’ve been working quite a bit as of late at the museum.  It’s fun stuff but it’s made me realize the great advantage of having a job as an artist over not (besides the fact that you’re doing what you love).  While I enjoy my time at the museum, I spend the vast majority of my time not making art.  There are slow times where I pull out my handy dandy notebook and draw the various skeletons of prehistoric seals or dinosaurs but they are buried in the times I’m actively doing my job.

Now if a person is, say, a storyboard artist, they will be spending their day improving their craft.  This, I believe, is the goal of every artist.  I feel this intense desire to become better and better.  With every comic I try to focus on improving at least one thing that I feel I need work on or explore a style or something I am less experienced in.

Of course, to get better I also need to eat so I’m thankful to have any job, particularly one in such an interesting place.  Consequently, I now also know everything there is to know about the Titanic, Skulls and Prehistoric Manatees.

Also, if one wants to write they must first live, so I’ll chalk this whole experience up into that category as well.