* Working a week of overtime and having a 12 hour shift on a Saturday generally hampers the creation of comics.  Therefore, I declare, in the goal of keeping these here words and pictures of the utmost quality, to delay said forthcoming comic till next week!  See you all then.*


Melanie and I recently (see: almost a year ago) went to an art walk in L.A. where we saw this unfortunate animal.  After reading Animals in Translation I jumped on the train of feeling like household pets and other animals have a much more sophisticated thought process than we give them credit for.  I don’t know if it’s that complex but it’s something.

Which makes me wonder what these dogs (and cats) are really feeling like in their own bodies.  We breed animals for these specific traits but don’t usually take into account how that can wreck other parts of their bodies.

Like how Collies were bred to have longer noses but in turn many suffered from brain damage from their skulls being too small.  We kinda like to play god with our pets without really thinking of what it’s doing to them.  I dunno, give me a mutt any day and I’ll be happy.

In other news, Work has dropped a colossal load of work on me.  While I regret missing last week’s comic I feel like I’m starting to acclimate to the new “OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IS DUE NOW!” pace that we’ve been given.  Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?  Absolutely not.  And it gets darker with every week that goes by, but I’m confident that I’ll come out of this with only a moderate amount of psychological damage and PTSD.