I’ll admit that this was actually a conversation I had with my little sister but I prefer not to put people in the comic that I won’t bring back later.  Melanie can attest that I’m a bit of a cereal fanatic.  There are days that it consists of my three meals and a late night snack.  The more colorful, the more I like it.

My kid sister is pretty hilarious and I firmly believe she could be the next Kate Beaton if she only allowed anyone to see her drawing and writings.  In the High School we went to, on a person’s senior year they had to do a senior project that took up an ass load of time.  There were many memorable favorites that blessed the community like “have a barbeque: for charity!” and the ever unforgettable “Paint my own damn room!”  The vast majority of these were foolhardy endeavors but they always passed them through.

I was the Drum Captain my senior year so for my project I was able to round up my fellow drummers  and I wrote a six piece drum ensemble based on the Halo franchise.  I won’t toot my own horn but it was pretty sweet.  My sister decided to write a Novella.  This was a 40-60 page piece and, being the supportive older brother I am, I touted my writing expertise and became her English advisor.  To keep this short, I’ll just say we spent the next 9 months talking about writing and editing and revising her little book till it was good enough to turn in, and it was pretty damn good.  Maybe I’ll find it some day and post a link to it here.  Not telling her of course because she’d kill me.