Aaaaaaaaand we’re back!  At least back to a more manageable schedule.

Now that I’m working a measly 40 hour work week we’ll be returning to the two comic a week schedule.  Now I’m crossing my fingers that these hours persist for a while.  Hitting the 10 hour shifts definitely made me a much faster artist but venturing through 12’s was like getting thrown into a meat grinder.  Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of work, I will fear no deadlines.  Oh wait, scratch that, I’ll be buried under deadlines.

Still, I’ve been able to wade through my first super crunch and continue to make comics so this bodes well for the future of this whole endeavor.

As for my own future, I think my would be children will be ok with having a statistically higher chance of getting a genetic disease that is considered a national annoyance as the fee of, you know, being alive.  If they ever complain to me I can always direct them to this comic to give them the perspective of what could have been.