This doesn’t happen too often but there are days.  I run a pretty tight schedule.  This is mostly from working so much but I have to parcel my time out carefully if I want to get two comics out a week.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t even happen all the time.  There are a lot of variables involved in getting one of these guys out the door and how much time I spend on a comic is the primary factor.

I get a couple hours a night between getting home from work and going to bed and a full day on Sunday to churn them out and if one day is wasted it can basically become a no show for the next comic.  It can be a bit stressful but I know that if I can get two comics out a week I’ll be improving my craft twice as fast.  That’s a benefit I just can’t pass up, even if it means it takes me a year in a half to start playing a game that’s been sitting on my desk the whole time (looking at you Mass Effect 3).