Don’t tell me I exaggerate because this shit’s for reals.

We actually change the costumes on this guy every once in a while and everyone I know is continuously baffled as to why this guy is on our front porch.  He used to be holding a knife that my dad put fake blood on so at least it’s less creepy.

If you really want to talk about creepy, he used to be put behind our door inside and if I was making my way to the kitchen for, say a late night bowl of cereal, I would meet him on the way…in the dark…with a face hugger on his chest…holding a weapon.  Needless to say I was properly frightened.  I still get startled by him every once in a while and it certainly doesn’t help that we move him every few months so my terror can begin anew but, as a great fan of Allan Moore’s wonderful comic, I have grown somewhat attached to this flamboyantly colored knight on my doorstep.