When I think about it, I’ve realized that pretty much all of my closest relationships are bound tighter or were formed from gaming.  I met Kevin in drumline and we became great friends over playing the original Halo.  Corey and I became friends in middle school over card games and video games and our friendship also solidified over Halo.  Melanie and I play Minecraft together and we reminisce over Sonic the Hedgehog and other classics.

It’s probably the same with people everywhere and their hobby of choice.  Car guys are gonna be buddies with other car guys because they can talk about cars whenever they don’t want to talk about anything else.  Kevin recently asked me a question that made me really think about what I really am.

“What are things that you like?  You know, besides drawing.”

I actually had to sit and think.  I responded with art, history and video games.  Looking back I also am into generally improving myself in terms of art skills and my general knowledge but if I could rephrase that it would be creative stuff, self improvement and games.  I think I may come back to this more in the future because it feels very strange putting everything I’m passionate about into three categories.  Maybe I need to diversify my interests.  Nah.