When a person is sick, and not just “I have the flu” kind of sick, but on the path towards urgent medical surgery kind of sick, it kind of takes over their life.  It’s something that you have to deal with every day, think about every day, and live with in your future horizon.  As time goes on, if things stabilize, it becomes routine and you forget the time when you weren’t sick.  Now I’m in that later phase and find that my biggest worry is someone at work mistaking my medication for Extacy.

I’ve found that every time I get comfortable somewhere scenarios change to where I get flipped on my head and have to deal with a ton of new things.  I’ve become almost afraid to plan anything because nothing ever turns out quite the way I’m expecting.  That’s not to say that things went badly, I was just never prepared for them.  School took longer than expected to graduate but I got a minor in music and leaned things that changed my life forever, I gave up on dating and within a few weeks I met Melanie at a friend’s board game party, I got all these medical problems and… well, I think I’m still in the middle of that one.

Hindsight is 20/20 after all.