I could say I’m thankful for a lot of things.  For a supporting family that didn’t balk when I decided to major in art.  For good friends and a loving girlfriend.  For this wonderful cold I’ve developed on my four day weekend.  For you, ear reader, that reads my weekly musings.  Even for the guy (I’m assuming) who stumbled across my site after googling “Can’t grow chest hair at 20″ and continued on to read the entire archive.  I do hope your wish comes true.

Unfortunately Monday’s comic will be MIA as there’s still a lot of stuff going on this weekend and no time to get my art on.  I suspect that this kind of thing might happen once a month or so but I still want to abide by my two comics a week goal so I have no thoughts on cutting it down to one a week.  Hopefully with my drawing getting quicker and my workflow becoming more efficient I’ll be able to maintain the schedule as well as get more bonus work done.

Only time will tell and for now I’ll focus on reducing collateral damage from the holy war going on inside me between my white blood cells and whatever the hell causes the common cold.