“Off we go like a herd of turtles” is my family mantra.  Even when we’re early we’re late.  It gets worse the more of us are together.  We create some kind of an anti-punctuality vortex that grows in power exponentially the more of us there are in proximity to each other.

This kind of had the reverse effect on me when I go places by myself.  I was always so embarrassed as a kid being late to school almost every day that I now often leave ridiculously early to get somewhere on time.  This usually ends with me sitting in the car to wait for how early it would be appropriate for me to be somewhere.

Of course, when I’m going to a friend’s house or even to Melanie’s those old ways do tend to sneak out.  I guess you end up dying on time or living only to see yourself be the unfashionably late one.  Or none of that makes any sense at all.