They say the unemployed have no vacations.  Conversely, there’s no summer break for graduates.

More than money or property, I find that I value time as a commodity over all else.  I think that’s the case with most creative types.  I’m ok with not having a lot of stuff if it means getting to work on my art and spend quality time with my loved ones.

I think that’s why I push myself so hard on getting better with my art, because when I get to the point where my artistic endeavors can support me I won’t need to be spending exorbitant amounts of hours each week practicing art, I would be getting paid while practicing.  Even if I wasn’t drawing my personal projects, I’d still be getting better artistically while making a living.

Working in a VFX Studio is a great step to getting there, but it’s not quite at that pinnacle; it’ is on the road to getting there though.  Studio work has taught me a lot about working on a timed budget and increasing your speed while also increasing your quality.  I feel like after working 12 hour days for several months, spending 8 hours on a comic seems like a walk in the park.  These are things I never really learned in school and are what can make or break an artist so I’m really happy.  I’m also happy about the opportunities the studio will give me in the future.  Still, It’s my step towards the mountain.