If anything, Melanie’s got spunk… and an obsessed determination.  A lot of people are good at theory and not application.  Others have the skill but not the drive.  I wouldn’t quite say that I have a Puritan work ethic but, if we’re gonna go with video game stats, I have a lot of stamina.  It may be fueled by a bit of anxiety and fear but when the stakes are to succeed or be homeless I think you may be able to understand.  It’s not quite a city on the hill to look up to but at least it’s something.

Melanie is a total go getter.  I’m constantly amazed at how much she does for school, work, pleasure and leisure.  If she doesn’t have multiple jobs to help pay for her to go to school full time she’s the editorial cartoonist for the school paper.  I know women have a natural advantage over men in terms of multitasking but I feel it’s more than just feminine wiles.

I gotta get me some wiles.