I learned at a pretty young age to not trust anything on packaging and I feel like it’s served me pretty well through life.  True, I’ve become a cynical old man when it comes to getting a sales pitch, be it on a commercial or by a guy in a store, but when you’re constantly being lied to by corporate entities you tend to evolve into a shielded mass of I’m not gonna buy your shit.

Maybe I dislike the corporate sales culture because once I’ve been lied to it’s difficult to gain my trust back.  Maybe it’s the bombardment of news and articles saying how bad everything is for you.  Conversely I don’t even trust those things.

We’re in an age where the volume of data that we ingest on a daily basis would make people go insane 100 years ago.  We have to pick and parse what information is good and what is junk and that can be pretty overwhelming.  Any relevant or true information is buried under a river of cat pictures, sales pitches and flashing lights.

And here I am putting comics into that stream, making it grow.  What I hope, at least, is that I can put something worthwhile and meaningful out there.  Of course, those are subjective terms, but aim high right?