This marks the end of the intro three comics as well as the end of us hanging out solely in the steam room…at least for a little while.  Now we’re chugging along full steam ahead into a normal schedule.

Sun Tzu once said, “All warfare is based on deception.”  I thoroughly agree with him, but in the field of art.  I’m not drawing people or places or anything really.  What I do is trick a person’s mind into thinking they’re seeing those things.  Lines on a page are just that: lines.  Hopefully my manipulation of that forms some kind of image you can recognize in your mind.

I’m often confronted in my works to just avoid certain problems.  One of those being those sly bastards we all call hands.  Can’t live with ‘em, can’t draw without ‘em.  The secret running gag in the past three strips has been that I’ve covered the hands of the characters every time.  There was a bit of backfiring there in terms of the steam getting a little in the way at times but overall, it’s cool.